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Ultimate Steel Buildings designs and manufactures steel buildings throughout Missouri. Our metal buildings are designed to meet any code or design requirement and to withstand the most severe weather conditions, including heavy snows and high winds. We know that price matters and we offer the best quality steel buildings at the lowest prices to all of our clients. Our main objective will always be to provide complete customer satisfaction for your pre-engineered building projects.

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Steel construction contractors are highly skilled specialists that are experts in their discipline. The steel building industry by design is held to high standards and precise tolerances that are required to be understood and exercised by everyone from fabrication to installation.

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Steel is environmentally sustainable with most parts recycled at end of life or demolition of the building. In the US, recycling accounts for almost 50% of all new steel production. Many parts of the steel industry supply chain are accredited in environmental management systems.




With its large span capabilities, steel buildings are much easier to expand and can easily be adapted to the interior designs of changing times and occupants. Interior design in steel buildings is not as restricted by load bearing walls and columns as in other types of construction.




Steel buildings, by default, have a long lifespan. Wood and concrete construction deteriorate at a much faster pace than steel construction. The inherent adaptability of steel construction allows for enlarging footprints and even vertical extensions to adapt and retrofit for future needs.

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